Terms and Conditions

Personal Information

What types of personal information do we collect?

We will only collect information that is reasonably necessary for us to perform our functions and activities and provide you with the Rockend Products you wish to use. Personal Information we collect from you may depend on how you use our Rockend Products and whether you are registered to use our Rockend Products. Personal Information we collect from you may include the name, age, sex, email address, postal address, street address and telephone number/s of you or others. Other Personal Information we collect from you may include credit and debit card numbers and expiry dates, registration passwords and usernames for Rockend Products, IP addresses, property details, property owner and landlord names and details, tenant names and details, information required for payment for products and services provided through Rockend Products, information you choose to disclose to us from time to time and information necessary for us to provide information, products and services to you via Rockend Products. We will not use any government related identifiers to identify you in our records, although information we hold about you may include government related identifiers (such as an Australian Business Number) entered by you in using our services.

What types of personal information do we collect?

We will use Personal Information for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection, or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for each Rockend Product. Except as specifically set out in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for each Rockend Product, we will not sell or disclose Personal Information to any person located in Australia or overseas or use Personal Information for any other purpose without your prior consent, unless authorised or required by or under Australian law or a court/tribunal order.

Generally, we will only use and disclose Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • to register you to use and provide you with access to use Rockend Products;
  • to provide you with information you request about us or the information, products or services we offer through Rockend Products;
    to manage Rockend Products (including your account) and provide you with support (as required);
  • to provide products and services you request from time to time;
    to facilitate interactions between you and approved third parties which provide products or services integrated with Rockend Products;
  • to monitor interactions between you and other users of Rockend Products for quality control purposes;
  • to facilitate, process and obtain payment for any Rockend Products or any other information, products or services we may provide you from time to time and for billing and debt recovery purposes generally;
  • to monitor your usage of Rockend Products, understand your needs and to monitor Rockend Product usage generally to help us to develop and implement initiatives to improve our Rockend Products, our marketing or the way we do business;
  • if necessary, to verify your identity or age (i.e. over 18);
    to comply with any applicable law, court order, regulation or other legal requirement;
  • if necessary, in legal proceedings or in connection with confidential alternative dispute resolution;
  • to carry out our management, administrative, quality assurance and complaint handling activities in a professional and efficient manner;
    to conduct consumer and market research; and
  • to contact you for direct marketing and promotional purposes including providing you with information about products, services, events and special offers offered by us and third parties, unless you tell us that you do not wish to receive this type of information.

Payment Card information

How we process payments for products and services offered by Rockend

We use a secure third party service to process payments for products or services offered through Rockend Products. We do not keep a record of your credit or debit card number used to pay for products or services via the secured third party payment service providers used by Rockend Products from time to time.

Using third parties to process your information or provide services

We may use third party companies (third party service providers) to manage information that you provide from time to time. Aside from the disclosure or transfer of Personal Information to our Hosting Service Provider (see “Where your information is stored” below), when we use third party service providers, we seek to keep the amount of Personal Information they hold to a minimum and use reasonable efforts to make sure they are as careful with your information as we are.