The complete system

Fast and stress free

Image rich, updateable, compliant reports that significantly reduce arguments at exit time, without the need to take hundreds of photos.

Integrating with PropertyMe and PropertyTree with more integrations on the way.

Win every new listing!  Property owners love the inspector360 system and it’s proving a game changer when choosing their manager.

A 20:20 view for owners

inspector360 keeps owners seamlessly in the loop and gives them a comprehensive toolkit to be reassured their property is being kept in good shape and everything is up to scratch.

Whichever use case works for you, we cover everything you could ever want to see, know and do. The Owner Portal is optional, you just turn it on or off when needed.

Use technology to easily keep ahead of the game and ahead of the competition

Detailed, image rich, descriptive ingoing reports that are signed off at the start of the lease and re-sent to the tenants just prior to vacating to remind everyone in living, moving colour and detail of what the property looked like when tenanted.

Less chance of arguments about condition and much less chance of court time.

Lead your agency into the future

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