Remote routine inspections

Let’s face it, something had to change

Communicating with tenants, setting up appointments for no-shows, travel time to and from properties, tenants grumpy about having the privacy breached... it hasn’t been much fun doing routine inspections, has it?

One huge positive that has come out of the COVID-19 crisis is that it has forced our industry to look at new methods and approaches to real estate, not just while the virus is with us but into the future. The inspector360 team is right on the case developing its soon to be released remote inspection app.

Not just another “pop-up” solution

Yes, there are so called remote inspection options popping up every few weeks but are they really able to do an equal job to a property manager actually being there live at the property?

The inspector360 remote routine inspection tool is the very next best thing to you visiting the property. In fact, in several important ways it's even better!

Let the tenant’s phone be your eyes and ears

Make an online appointment that suits you and the tenant, arrange for the tenant to download the app and then ask them turn on their video and to walk through the property under your direction. Record the video and the voice plus take photos as you go.

The inspector360 app will allow you to communicate with the tenant, make notes via the unique capture screen, take photos through the tenants camera and complete a comprehensive and quality routine inspection in a fraction of the time. Tenants love it as it's flexible and non intrusive and we think you will love it too.

Lead your agency into the future

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