Marketing tours

Produce pro virtual tours for the price of a good coffee

inspector360 gives you the option to integrate VTs into your PCRs and massively reduce reliance on still photos. It also provides you with a powerful marketing tool and profit centre. 

Include VTs in you r marketing package and use them to advertise your teams'properties For Rent and/or For Sale on all the major real estate websites,social media, your database and more.

Either do it yourself using the simple to use inspector360 virtual tour tool or introduce us to your professional photographer and we will set them up to provide you the service for you.

Easy to produce and simple to navigate

The inspector360 software makes producing your virtual tours easy. 15 - 20 minutes at the average sized property, then another 15 - 20 on your PC back at the office or at home.

30-40 minutes and you or your PA can be an virtual tour marketing expert.

Use the hotspots tool to highlight all the features of your listings

Navigation points clearly show prospective clients how to move smoothly from area to area and room to room through the property while hotspots draw their attention to the selling points and items you wish to highlight.

For a similar investment to a flat white, you can provide an impressive marketing advantage to your sellers and landlords or perhaps you may opt to mark them up to cover the cost of your efforts. Your choice!

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